Bruce Kaminski: Painting Technique

Painting with pure oil color and an egg oil emulsion.


Painting Surface
Under Painting
Egg Tempera

During the next two stages of the painting process, I apply tones of color over the entire painting surface to establish a base of color. The first tone is Old Holland cold gray (bluish). If a lighter gray or greenish gray is desired, mix equal parts, cold gray, Old Holland cremnitz white and Mussini bohemian green earth. One measured amount of that paint or paint combination is reduced with five parts of Liquin alkyd medium so the color will appear thin and transparent over the embedded drawing. I use a common smooth surface house-painting roller to apply the glaze.

Because these colors are opaque you will lose the intensity of your blackest blacks; the mid-tones will hold. Also remember this is a blue-gray.  If necessary, I will withhold the blue-gray ground from parts of an image that I want to eventually paint with a complimentary orange tone.



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