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  1. Where do we begin... ?
  2. Where will I host my site ... ?
  3. How do I register with search engines ... ?
  4. How will I maintain my site going forward ... ?
  5. What is a watermark, and how do I protect my copyright... ?
  6. What will be required of me ... ?
  7. What will be the cost of my web site... ?

Where do we begin... ?

We begin by meeting in person or discussing over the phone what your needs are . What is it that you would like to communicate and to what audience. We will discuss / select a FrontPage theme for your site . If you so desire, we can register a watermark and complete that process. That will represent the beginning of the 24 hour development cycle. I use a sub directory of my own web site as a staging area for your site. Your web site will be a collaborative effort. You will be asked to visit the staging area at various points in the development cycle. You can then communicate by e-mail or phone, changes to design as it goes forward. 

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Where will I host my site ... ?

Most ISP's will provide for a "home page". This is not hosting. Most do provide hosting, but at an additional cost. Your host site is not your portal to the internet. You will still need an ISP in addition to a host site. You can receive e-mail at your host site. I will work with your ISP , but they must support FrontPage extensions. There are many host sites out there that offer this support and many other advantages. They are all competing for your business, so finding a good price is doable. I am currently hosting with Interland. They are one of the top companies offering in their base plan ( currently $16.95 / mth ) 250 mg of storage with 10 gig of transfer. More than you'll ever need .

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How do I register with search engines ... ?

Search engines use many different methods for adding sites to their databases. There are two basic methods "category based" and "keyword based" . I will register your site with several of the major search engines at the time your site is published. For keyword based engines this should be done on a regular basis. I can instruct you in how to do this or it can be included as monthly support. 

Keywords are what the search engines use to find your page. The search engine "spiders" "crawl" your site to index it and rank it for browsing purposes. Keywords can be found by spiders either on the home page( this is rare ) or in the html "meta tags". I will work with you to determine what your keywords should be. I will advise you on the text for your home page, and I will add the meta tags to your site.

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How will I maintain my site going forward ... ?

I will maintain your site as needed. My fee will be $25 per hour, with a minimum of one hour charged. Maintenance will be performed on as needed basis.........

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What is a watermark, and how do I protect my copyright... ?

A watermark is a coded number registered with digimarc that is added to your image. It is applied to the entire image and is not visible to the naked eye even on enlargement. It cannot be removed from the image without destroying the image itself. It will identify your image where ever it goes. It also serves as advertising. That code when scanned can bring an interested party directly to your site. For more information, I recommend that you visit their site . There is a fee for this service. For 0 to 99 images the cost is $49 per year.

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What will be required of me ... ?

bulletYou will need to provide the images for your site: art work, signatures, logos, pictures of the artist, pictures of your studio, etc. These may be digitized (CD or e-mail), photographs, 35 mm slides or film strips, medium format, or 4x5 inch film.
bulletIf you choose to watermark your images, you will need to register your watermark with
bulletYou will need to subscribe to a hosting service. I recommend Interland. 
bulletYou will need to provide to me the text for your site. I will advise you on this requirement.
bulletYou will need to determine how you will ship and what you will charge for that shipping .
bulletYou will need to determine how you will receive payment. I am not presently offering e-commerce. However, you can still accept payment by credit card. See sample sites. Setting up a PayPal shopping cart would be an added charge.
bulletYou must of course determine a price for your artwork along with edition sizes for prints.
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What will be the cost of my web site ... ?

There will be a minimum charge of $600 for your web site. This represents a 24 hour development cycle @ $25.00 per hour. This should be sufficient to perform the tasks outlined here for a small site. Should it be necessary to extend the timeline, additional hours will be billed at $25.00 per hour.

bulletBuild your web site .......  $600.00
bulletRegister your dot com  .......   $70.00 
bulletHost setup fee ........ typically     $49.95
bulletHosting of site ......    $16.95 / mth with Interland
bulletRegister a watermark with Digimarc (0-99 images) .......  $49.00  (Optional)
bulletThe cost of scanning your images.
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