Bruce Kaminski: Painting Technique

Painting with pure oil color and an egg oil emulsion.


Painting Surface
Under Painting
Egg Tempera


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hat follows is a description of my technique of painting with pure oil color and an egg oil emulsion. This process combines the vibrant color of oil paint with the intensity and durability of tempera. I will take you through the process step by step beginning with a line drawing to the finished painting.


Of course, once practiced this technique can be adapted to your own strengths and desires. You might take a different approach to the under painting or perhaps start with a different ground. I hope that you will find in it what I have found, the thrill of working with egg tempera and oil.

This demonstration was first published in the February 1998 edition of American Artist magazine and reprinted  in a special edition entitled Portrait Highlights, now available wherever American Artist magazine is found.







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